Who’s Working On Crackdown 3?

Earlier today we posted an article talking about what we think the 15 Xbox One Exclusives are, and in that list we stated that Crackdown 3 is among those titles in development. Microsoft pretty much teased it at there Xbox One event when they showed a Crackdown 3 Agility Orb on the Xbox One’s home screen. So it really does seem like we will see Crackdown 3, but who’s leading the development.

The development on the first Crackdown was led by former Rockstar Employee, Dave Jones and his team at Realtime Worlds. The game sold over a million copies, and was pretty good game. However when it came time to make Crackdown 2, Real Time Worlds was skipped over in favor of  new studio Ruffian Games. The team felt a “bit miffed” over Microsoft’s decision to hand the title to a new studio, but they had already begun working on APB: All Points Bulletin, the game that would eventually make them go administration.

Crackdown 2 went on to sale just a bit less than its predecessor. The game was short, and just did not live up to the expectations people had set for the game. Although the game had left a bad taste in mouths of gamers, there were still some that hoped to see more Crackdown.

Now that we believe that Crackdown 3 is in development we now know who is not developing it, and that is Ruffian Games. In a blog post they said  that “[Crackdown 3] simply is not an offer that’s on our production table right now. ” This could be history repeating itself. It seems like they weren’t even offered the chance to develop the game. My guess is that the game is in development at Microsoft Studios Victoria. We should know more about the development of Crackdown 3 at this year’s E3

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